Minehost is closed. However, you can still access our public server here.
It will remain online for the forseeable future!

Minehost.org was started in 2010 to host Minecraft servers. It offered hosting based on really good hardware running at SoftLayer, which has great network performance. It was more expensive than some companies, but hundreds of people thought it was worth it, because (unlike some of its competitors) it was rock solid. Minehost closed its doors in September 2012. No further clients can be hosted at this time, and it is unlikely that the company will resume operations.

Updates to the public server will be infrequent. This is because Bukkit, while certainly written by a well-meaning team, is managed in a way that tends to irritate developers until they simply give up. The API keeps changing, so they have to adjust their software every few months. To a developer, this is insane. APIs are supposed to be stable over long periods of time, and to support graceful handling of features that plugins don't know about yet (e.g.: a plugin doesn't know about a new mob type, but instead of crashing, it just acknowledges that fact and lets you know that it won't handle that mob.)

Instead, core interfaces are changed from time to time, and plugins that are written by people who have since moved on to other things simply die. A programmer who is no longer interested in Minecraft will usually not care to spend time figuring out the new interface. This is why so many awesome plugins have simply died off.

The other problem is with updates. Bukkit is usually weeks to months behind the official release, and there are so many dev versions of Bukkit and plugins floating around that you have to choose behind being way out of date or risking instability. So, it becomes a significant hassle that may eat hours out of my day just to update the software, in a process that should be far less troublesome than it is.

I'm not interested in being punished every time I update the server, so I'm just not going to do it as often. I think I will just update the plugins whenever there is a new stable release. (Of course, right now, that stable release is something like a month and a half out of date... and a lot of plugins expect you to be using the newer one, but some have bugs with it and others don't.)